What some of the dolls want for the holidays

McKenna: I want a Jean jacket, I mean CMON! I have jackets but I don’t have a Jean jacket!!

Audience: *GIGGLES*

Luciana: I mean since McKenna wanted a jean jacket, I am wearing one like literally. Anyways what I want is a laptop. I know I have two! One for school and one for home, but I need one for the agency.

Audience: *LAUGHS*

Princess Bella: So I want a new pair of shoes, I know I have like 12 but a princess can never have enough shoes! My new shoes would be sparkly high heels!

Audience: *GASPS*

Leslie: Well I train ninja five days a week and I have four practice outfits, I need a fifth one! Cause Cassandra doesn’t do laundry!!


Julie: I always have to take the calls, that Cassandra asks me to take, but I don’t have my own phone! I need a phone. I want a phone.

Audience: *FAINTS*

Grace: I want two tickets to Paris. Because I want to go to Paris with my cousin Sylvie. I also miss my family there. Oh and the bake goods!

Audience: *Cries emotionally*

Kylie: I want Bella to stop giving me dresses and telling me to wear them.

Audience: *SIGHS*

Riley: Yo, I want Bella to stop whispering in my ear wear a fancy dress.


Allie: I want a professional modeling job.

Audience: *GASPS*

Sylvie: I want anything related to Paris!

Audience: *OOooS*

So that’s what some of the dolls want for Christmas

8 responses to “What some of the dolls want for the holidays”

  1. Very interesting! I liked the audience commentary 🙂

  2. So funny! I hope the dolls get what they wanted!

  3. Love this! So funny the way the audience reacts. Happy Holidays!

  4. Very cute! The audience thing was funny!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Ooh a jean jacket, I want one! I loved the audience 😂

  6. These were hilarious! I loved hearing what everyone wanted- hopefully the dolls get what they want for Christmas!

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