Madness with the minis-part four

Amaya was token to a orphanage for colored girls.

Katelyn was token to a orphanage for white girls.

POV of Jenny

I walked over to the mini dolls.

That’s when I noticed Amaya-Rose and Katelyn were gone!!!!


Saige rushed in screaming.

“Jenny whatever is the matter?” Saige asked me.

“Katelyn and Amaya-rose are gone.” I said.

“Let’s look for them.” Saige said calmly.

We looked all around the house but they were no where to be seen.

We looked outside and they were nowhere to be seen.

“They couldn’t have just disappeared.” Saige said. “Or could they?”

POV of Amaya-Rose

No!!! I’m apart from Katelyn.

I was in the orphanage for colored girls.

“Mam, Rayna will give you a tour.” The owner said.

I just nodded my head.

Rayna smiled kindly.

“Tell me how you got here.” Rayna said.

“Ok, I was outside of the house with my friends but a evil woman came and took us.” I said.

“Well I’ll take ya back where you live.” Rayna said.

“How do you know we’re I live?” I asked.

“I am your cousin and that evil woman is my mother.” Rayna said.

Rayna led me out of the orphanage.

“Take that.” A angry woman said.

“You!” She said pointing at us she grabbed us and we were put into trash cans. The garbage man came and toke the trash cans now I had lost Rayna to.

To be continued

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  1. Tata says: “Hope there is a happy ending.”
    Riya says: “Me too. (More grammar mistakes.)”

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