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Some Things Some of Our Dolls Like to Do


Sylvie, Grace, and Jenny like to bake.

Riley likes baseball.

Courtney likes arcade games.

McKenna likes gymnastics.

Katelyn likes ice skating.

Mini Saige likes being cute.

Luciana likes being a secret agent.

Olivia likes writing stories.

Tenney likes singing and playing guitar and banjo.

Chirssa likes spreading kindness and helping people.

Isa and Sylvie like to cook.

Saige likes art.

Emma likes hair styling.

Florence likes singing.

Lorelei likes making ice cream.

Martha likes art and sewing.

Jessie likes rock climbing.

Violet likes ballet.

Mini Julie likes dancing!

Mini Nanea likes shopping.

But all of our dolls especially like…….

Being in posts on our blog!

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