Lila GOTY 2024

Hi! It’s Ellora it’s been a long time since I’ve made a blog post, so I decided to make one!

Lila is a really pretty doll! (all photos come from the AG website btw) I did order her! She’s kind of looks like McKenna but with curly hair and freckles. She’s a gymnast too! Her hair looks pretty, and I think she’s gorgeous from the photos online!

Lila’s accessories there interesting! I don’t like how they had rubber bands in the accessories, when they could have done something more unique! I think the Fanny pack is gorgeous, the colors are a great combo! the iPhone matches perfectly and so does the shades! I love how they’re going for a orange, yellow and pink sunset theme, I also like how it comes with a hair card!

Lila’s gymnastic outfit. It’s really nice , I’m not sure about the quality though! The colors again are a great combination, the rhinestones are a great touch! I like how her collection involves a lot of sparkle! And the outfit looks gorgeous with that hairstyle!

Lila’s gymnastic equipment is similar to McKenna’s. I like how it has two bars and a wooden beam! And now there’s a mini spray bottle. McKenna’s Gymnastic set did not have double bars or grip!

Lila’s Gymnastics practice outfit. It’s cute, the colors again mix really well. (Pink and orange) I like how it comes with a little scrunchie, and the sweater probably is just the perfect fit.

Lila’s gymnastic accessories are adorable . I like the water bottle the combination is cute, I like that she has a gymnastic headband too. When I play with McKenna I use the gymnastics headband sometimes and it really adds! The scrunchies also add a cute touch! I love how they’re going for a color theme, pink and orange!

Lila’s Pajamas are so cute! I love the top it’s just so cute, it would work as a daytime top too! I love how it comes with another scrunchie too! And I love the combination on the pants, just so cute! 10/10 for these!

Lila’s horse riding outfit is okay! In my opinion the sequins might scratch the dolls but I’m not sure since I don’t own it. The boots are cute, pink and sparkly! And I love the headband!

The horse stable is okay, I like how it comes with a sticker pack. The only thing is, I feel like it might be a bit hard to play in. The broom also seems a bit too big!

Hollyhock (Lila’s horse) in my opinion is alright. I like how it’s jazzy even on the tail. I like how they added a bunch of sparkle. For me the eyes are not my favorite, and the horse seems too big to fit in the stable for the photos, which would make it harder to play! But again I’m not sure, because I don’t own it.

Mighty Mae (Lila’s dog) in my opinion it looks like a dog that’s already been seen but i don’t know. I don’t think Lila needs a dog and horse, I think instead they should have made more stuff for the horse. That’s just me though.

What are your thoughts on GOTY 2024 Lila? I’ll be getting her soon! Do you think she looks like a Mckenna? i think she could be McKenna’s sister or cousin! Have a nice day!

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  1. I agree with a lot of what you said! I do like Lila a lot, but I can’t add her to my collection right now. I actually have McKenna, and I think that Lila and McKenna are different enough that it wouldn’t stop me from getting her, but I agree that they could be related if you wanted them to be! I’d love to see you post some pictures of Lila when you get her!

    1. Alright, I also have McKenna, and I will be getting Lila so I could do a comparison if your interested!

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