GOTY 2023

The GOTY Is out here is Kavi

This is Kavi, that American girl released a couple of hours ago, but she looks a lot like Josefina.

American girl: did other dolls smashed together

Kavi: Is smashed as Sonali, Luciana and Josefina

15 responses to “GOTY 2023”

  1. Cool! What do you think of her?

    1. Honestly she looks a lot like Josefina

    2. What do you think of her?

  2. I think she looks alot like Martiza, her outfit is weird tho. And Josephina

      1. Are you a fan of the new panted on eye lashes? I’m not, it makes the dolls look kinda weird

      2. Some of them are ok, but not all, there not very good, american girl the eyelashes aren’t very nice but some are fine

      3. Yeah, I like Corrine’s

      4. Exactly some are good and some are bad

  3. Oh my god, you are soooooo right! I didn’t even notice that until you said it.

    1. Exactly American girl, had started smashing dolls

  4. She has the Marie Grace face mold. Kind of similar to Joss.

    1. Yes, exactly again American girl needs to come out with new stuff not the kind of smashing things

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