Timeline of 2022

Today I am gonna show you photos from throughout the year of our blog, since 2022 is coming to a end. The photos are not in order.

~Goodbye 2022!

16 responses to “Timeline of 2022”

  1. Cool! What a fun way to remember 2022!

  2. Oh it is good to sit down and look at old Pics!

    1. Hey Viola Smiles, we can’t find the comment with your email if you could just send it again, we can email you for the collab

  3. Cute photos! I love your blog!

  4. Cute photos! I love your blog!

    1. Oh my, thank you!

  5. Really cute photos! So sweet.

  6. Cute pictures! Great way to remember 2022 and get ready for 2023!

    1. Thank you @Sofia

  7. Laceythelittledoll Avatar

    I love these memories! Looking forward to seeing more pics in 2023!

    1. Thank you Lacey!

  8. That’s a crazy year…amazing to see what 2022 was like at E & S World of Dolls!!

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