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The way we holiday~ part 2

McKayla was lost, very confused. Waiting for Kailey to come back. But Kailey didn’t come back. McKayla searched for a way out, but didn’t find one. What did Kailey mean? Was it a secret message? McKayla was determined to find out. After, she got out!! Finally seven hours later McKayla disappeared and was able to get back home. “McKayla!” Audrey cried. “Relax, I’m ok.” McKayla said. Then another seven hours she disappeared again. This happened seven more times. Until McKayla was stuck in a mysterious place. Kailey appeared again. “KAILEY!” McKayla screamed. “What did you-” McKayla started, but then again Kailey disappeared. Something was strange. Nothing made sense. Then McKayla found a piece of paper…

It read

After you.

What did that mean?

And it was in Audrey’s handwriting.

To be continued….

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