Hey y’all I’m a new doll Nicole, Ellora got me for Christmas anyways I was wondering if y’all had any blog recommendations so yeah thx

~Nicole the doll

Ps.Only blogs that you don’t have to put any email in



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  1. Nicole (The Doll) Avatar
    Nicole (The Doll)

    RJ, thanks but those are all blogs that are already being read and followed

  2. Wait? I can’t see pictures! Or you didn’t post any? I don’t understand!

    1. I meant we are trying to find more blogs to read and asking if y’all have any recommendations but there is no photos yet

      1. Ok, thanks but, I think you know all my favorite blogs!
        Those are some.

  3. Nicole (THE DOLL) Avatar
    Nicole (THE DOLL)

    @Sofia we all know the good blogs, yeah those are them, including yours!

    1. I had a feeling, you would know those! Aww, you really think so? Thank you!

      1. Nicole (THE DOLL) Avatar
        Nicole (THE DOLL)

        Yes, @Sofia it’s amazing

      2. Your so sweet, thank you!

  4. Nicole (THE DOLL) Avatar
    Nicole (THE DOLL)

    THANK YOU @Justdolling we will check them out

  5. Laceythelittledoll Avatar

    Can’t wait to checkout some more blogs I haven’t read many of these!

  6. Thank you Viola Smiles, we will definitely read that one

  7. Hello! I just recently discovered your blog, but I’ve got a list on my blog here of other blogs you might want to check out!

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