{Just a small question}

Hey, so we thought it would be fun to do a collab post with one of you first person to say Me! Will get to do a collab!!

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  1. Me! But i don’t really know how to!

    1. Same, we will have to do some brainstorming we will let you know when we have a idea or something and we haven’t done a collab before but we could do a photostroy thing and one blog do part one and other do part 2

      1. So we need to figure out if we have any of the same dolls

      2. i think if you look on the people who are following you you can find me and you will see my e-mail you can talk to me there

      3. And we also need to see you want to do part one of part two

      4. Eh? Y’all never emailed me, is the collab still on? If not it’s totally fine. No pressure

      5. Sorry, stuff is busy, but we will

      6. Totally fine!

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