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What some of the dolls want for the holidays

McKenna: I want a Jean jacket, I mean CMON! I have jackets but I don’t have a Jean jacket!!

Audience: *GIGGLES*

Luciana: I mean since McKenna wanted a jean jacket, I am wearing one like literally. Anyways what I want is a laptop. I know I have two! One for school and one for home, but I need one for the agency.

Audience: *LAUGHS*

Princess Bella: So I want a new pair of shoes, I know I have like 12 but a princess can never have enough shoes! My new shoes would be sparkly high heels!

Audience: *GASPS*

Leslie: Well I train ninja five days a week and I have four practice outfits, I need a fifth one! Cause Cassandra doesn’t do laundry!!


Julie: I always have to take the calls, that Cassandra asks me to take, but I don’t have my own phone! I need a phone. I want a phone.

Audience: *FAINTS*

Grace: I want two tickets to Paris. Because I want to go to Paris with my cousin Sylvie. I also miss my family there. Oh and the bake goods!

Audience: *Cries emotionally*

Kylie: I want Bella to stop giving me dresses and telling me to wear them.

Audience: *SIGHS*

Riley: Yo, I want Bella to stop whispering in my ear wear a fancy dress.


Allie: I want a professional modeling job.

Audience: *GASPS*

Sylvie: I want anything related to Paris!

Audience: *OOooS*

So that’s what some of the dolls want for Christmas

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