Links~ looking to check out old posts here are the links

Here are the links to our old posts

Welcome to our blog was our very first post since there is so many pages it might be hard to find. Originally our blog was private but is not now.

When we first started our blog we didn’t create a page for meet the dolls, so the second day we had our blog we made a meet the dolls of the dolls we had

This was our very first photoshoot! OMG it was the first time we ever took a doll outside!!! Sylvie the doll almost fell in the mud!

We wanted to do the q and a way back in May and it turns out we did it in December

As some of you know, madness with the minis was one of our great series here are the links to the series parts

So yeah and here was our very first trailer that we never actually made the movie for because we weren’t able to the movie, because it was really hard but anyways if you want to see it it was made with iMovie view it here

So yeah thanks, bye!!

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