The Blogsmas tag

And we got tagged by Dolightful friends

Rules for the tag:

Use a graphic on your blog

Nominate five bloggers (at least)

Link to one of the original creators

Ok let’s get started!


What is your favorite family Christmas tradition (if you have a Christmas tradition)

Ok, we don’t have any Christmas traditions.

Next question..

What if your favroite Christmas food/drink?

Holiday cookies. There so delicious! There also really fun to decorate. There are so many choices!

Next question

Is Christmas your favorite holiday why or why not?

Yes because, everything is colorful, it’s a jolly time of year and it’s a time to spend time with your family

Next question,

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Last Christmas

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What is your favorite Christmas activity?

Playing in the snow!

Next question

What’s your favorite Christmas memory??

We can’t really remember what we did!

What’s your most favorite Christmas present you have ever got?

Sejal: The American girl cyo I got last Christmas

Ellora: The American girl Courtney I got last Christmas

Next question

What is your favorite part of Christmas Day?

Playing with the presents we got.

What is your favorite ham or Turkey for Christmas dinner?

We don’t eat ham or Turkey for Christmas dinner.

What’s your favorite Christmas story?

We don’t really here any Christmas stories.

Those are our answers! Here is the nominees!

So yeah bye everyone and happy holidays!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the tag! I was actually tagged by another blogger for it earlier today and just posted it a few minutes ago, right before I saw this post. I’ll go and update it real quick. The tag really does mean so much, though.

  2. Great answers!

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