From RJ: (@AdventuresofAgdolls) What is your favorite part of blogging?

Sejal: Seeing all the nice comments.

Ellora: Creating all the photos.

From RJ: (@Adventuresofagdolls) Which truly me is your favorite?

Sejal: #88 I have her and her name is Avery.

Ellora: #55 I have her, name is Leslie.

From RJ: (@adventuresofagdolls) Which beforever is your favorite

Sejal: Rebecca.

Ellora: Kit.

From Viola Smiles: (@ViolaSmiles) How old have you been blogging?

A) We started on April 10, 2022 so less then a year

From Viola Smiles: (@ViolaSmiles): How many dolls do you have dolls do you have in total?

A) 45 or 46

From Viola Smiles: (@ViolaSmiles) If you could get a doll which doll would you get?

Sejal: truly me #102

Ellora: Sonali

From Viola Smiles: (@ViolaSmiles): Do you have a favorite blog?

Sejal: No.

Ellora: Multiple, they are, and

From Viola Smiles: (@ViolaSmiles): Is there two people behind your blog since your name is Ellora and Sejal?

A) Yes.

From JustDolling: (@JustDolling): Who is your favorite ag doll in your collection or who do you use the most?

Sejal: My favorite doll is Mini Ellora and the doll I use the most I don’t know what doll I use the most.

Ellora: My favorite doll is Mia and the doll I use the most is McKenna.

From JustDolling (@Justdolling): If you could get any doll that ag has ever made who would it be?

Sejal: The Sapphire splendid doll.

Ellora: Sonali

From JustDolling (@Justdolling) What’s your favorite post you’ve done?

Sejal: Meet the dolls

Ellora: The gigantic stuff

From JustDolling: (@Justdolling) What made you to decide to start blogging?

A) We wanted to share our dolls and we liked the other blogs we read.

So we answered all our questions we think that’s all if we missed any please comment down and we will get them answered and remember to check out our competition we our doing and please participate and again good luck! Thank you!


  1. Wow! I didn’t know their was two people behind this blog!

  2. Very cool answers! I like the sapphire splendid doll too!

  3. Great answers! I also enjoy Sonali!

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