The Gigantic stuff~ a photostory

It was just a causal day McKenna and Avery were walking.

Then suddenly McKenna bumped her head on something HUGE!

“McKenna are you ok?” Avery asked. McKenna gave her a thumbs up.

A couple minutes later the girls were staring at what had caused McKenna to hit her head.

“It’s so big!” Avery cried.

“Let’s explore” McKenna said. Avery nodded her head in agreement.

McKenna lifted up Avery! Then climbed herself.

“Whoa! This is the biggest sofa I have ever seen!” Avery said plopping on the couch next to McKenna.

“YEAH! It’s HUGE!” McKenna cried.

“HEY MCKENNA! look what I found!” Avery said to McKenna.

“What is it?” Avery asked as McKenna stood there staring at the weird thing. “I think it’s called a book shelf.” McKenna replied. Avery agreed.

“AVERY! Isn’t this the most GIANT remote you have ever seen?” McKenna asked.

“OMG! That is HUGE!” Avery said looking at the GIANT remote.

“McKenna Look at this HUGE pillow!” Avery said.

“COOL!” McKenna said. “I wonder how many more GIANT things there are.”


Mckenna and Avery looked at a lot of giant things!

6 responses to “The Gigantic stuff~ a photostory”

  1. Wonder what they find next?
    I guess there is another episode to look forward to!!

  2. I thought the purple thing was a big person’s leg!!!

  3. Wow what a giant pillow and remote and wonder what other giant stuff is there to explore

  4. Oh my! They sure are on an adventure!

  5. Looks like they had fun! Can’t wait to read their next adventure!

  6. redrobinpersonyyyyyy Avatar

    😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆that was hilarious i loved this

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