School Styles-Fashion show sort of

First of all There is no more Sienna-Opal. Spring instead. We will update meet the dolls soon.

And our mom got a new doll her name is Cassie.

Lemon Top
Ag Jeans
Pink sneakers
And Magenta Bag

That’s Cassie‘s school style.

Lance’s meet dress
Ag Clover boots

And inner star Bag

That is Spring’s school style.

Ag love tank
Og school Skirt
Fringe pink boots
And pink backpack

That’s Bella’s school style

The hair is braided down
Ag blue earrings
Lemon dress
Ag Ready for fun sneakers
Tye dye backpack

That was Saige’s school style

Blue glasses
Ag recess dress
Ag sliver boots
And space backpack

That was Luciana’s school style

Purple hair clip
Ag pink top
Flower earrings
Ag green flower shorts
Ag brown boots
Og backpack

That was Jessie’s school style

Little small braid
Skating top
Pink shorts
Sparkly cover shoes
And tye dye tote

That was Julie’s school style

Ag Red dresss
Ag green bow shoes
Ag sliver bag

That was Chrissa’s school style.

Side pony
Heart necklace
Mall of America tee
Rainbow jeans
Gray bow boots
Pink sparkle backpack

So that’s Grace’s school style.

That’s all! I know it’s not all of them but I am finishing this post a different day than this post was started. The rest of the dolls are not in their school styles anymore. Thanks for understanding!

8 responses to “School Styles-Fashion show sort of”

  1. I like The first one ( I can’t tell if that’s Cassie or a other doll)

      1. Oh! Well she is gorgeous!

  2. Too bad bye bye to Sienna Opal. I like all the outfits with matching accessories.

  3. Cool outfits . All of them look great

  4. Lovely combinations of outfits

  5. This is such a lovely fashion show. 😀 I love all the different colours and patterns.

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