New dolls

Hi guys American recently released Claudie, The holiday doll and 21 new truly me dolls I’m gonna. Show you guys them.


Claudie I feel like is very interesting I don’t really like the way American girl did the new eyes.

Next I’m gonna go through the Truly me dolls I’m not really gonna share my opinion in will take forever. here we go

I think that some of the truly me dolls new ones are. Kind of like the old ones just with the new eyelashes

Now the holiday doll. She is so beautiful but is extremely expensive.

She is so beautiful, and we hope to one day have her in our collection. I love the hair and the dress is made of real gems.

So thanks for reading stay tuned for more posts.

Also Sienna-Opal has been gone and replaced with a Lea named Spring. We have a couple new dolls stay tuned for updates on them. Bye.

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  1. Gr8 job Ellora! I have similar thoughts 💭 of the sapphire splendor doll! Ellora’s DollArtist btw everyone.

    1. Thankkkkks!!!!!

  2. Ellora and Sejal Avatar
    Ellora and Sejal

    Thankkks! BTW check out Delightfulworldofdolls and and

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