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Meet the Minis

So you all have probably seen the series Madness with the minis or not. But today your going to meet all the minis. Jenny has a show called madness with the minis so let’s me them. This is not in order of how we got them.

Josie Montoya

Adventures and Caring.

Melody Rachel Ellison

Musical and troublemaker.

Adalyn Shark

Dancer and shy.

Nia Parker

Dancer and different.

Felicity Meriman

Loves horses and troublemaker.

Liz Cole

Troublemaker and loyal.

Keshia Brown

Loves hockey and is sweet

Tenney Angeline Grant

Singer and famous

Nanea Allison Mitchell

Sweet and generous

Molly Jane Mcintire and Emily Luci Bennet

Kind, Clever, Mysterious, and Generous

Sydney-Lee White

Dancer and Courageous

Jenna Mason

Pilot and Queen of Cards

Lexi Pinkie Parker

Pink candy sweetheart

Audrey Green

Pilot and princess of cards

Saige Anna Copeland

Artsy and Small

Kylie Becca Rubin

Soccer and Smack talk

Spring Sheryl Clark

Adventuress and Explorer

Kaya Aton My

Fierce and Brave

Katelyn Rink Ridges

Ice skater and friendly

Luciana Astrod Vega

Spy and Astronaut

Kira Sophie Andrews

Gymnast and sweet

Zoey Kitterege, Kit Kitterege and Ruthie Smithens

BFFS and Adventurous

Adelaide Esther Walker

Loves outdoors and gardening

Alexandria Gardner

Caring and Great

Faith Waters

Hopeful and Faithful

Louise Great

Sassy and selfish

Willow Fishel

Wacky and funny

Sleeping Agent Rochelle Sands

Sleeper and Agent

Stella Great

Shy and sassy

Kristy Larson

Loves legos and Building

Samantha Rose Parkington and Nellie Lavender O’Malley

Generous and helpful

Katie-Lyn Joy and Amaya-Rose Jones

Smart and respectful

Carolina Waterfall Abbot

Sailor and brave

Gemma Julia Taylor

Groovy and colorful

Izzy Palmer

Ballerina and kind

Julie Jessi Allbright

Basketball player and stand up for what she wants

Ellie Maya Larkin

Nerd and generous

Paris Eiffel Noelle

Crafter and smart

AAllie Ximena Kook

Allie Ximena Kook

Nice and fashionable

Grace Macaron Thomas

Baker and has her own business

And the mini who started it all…

Reese Castle Lakes

Traveler and adventurous

And finally a mini you will all want to see……

Jenny cupcake evans

Baker and plays with dolls

So that’s all our minis bye.

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