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Dressed ag doll looks- fashion show (Sort of)

So Sylvie was the first to be dressed so here is her look.

So that’s Sylvie.

Ellora was the second doll to be styled. Let’s see a look at her look

So that was Ellora.

Next is Chrissa let’s take a look.

So that’s Chrissa ok next doll.

It’s her Royal highness Bella! let’s see the deets.

Ok Bella insisted that I take extra photos but anyway next gal!

Where off to the 70’s with Julie let’s get a closer look at her outfit.

So that was Julie next girl.

So let’s get a look at Grace’s look.

Grace had awesome outfit next gal.

Saige the artsy one is next let’s get a closer look.

So that’s the colorful Saige next dolly doll!

It’s one of the newest additions Sienna-Opal! let’s get a better look.

So that’s Sienna-Opal. Next…

We also have a new one Tenney anyways let’s get a closer look.

So Tenney does have earrings just wasn’t able to get them in camera anyways next doll.

We are bumping to the 80’s with Courtney Moore. Let’s get a better look.

So that was Courtney now we’re onto the last doll that’s STANDING.

We’re back in the 70’s with Jessie. Let’s get a better look.

Ok now to the sitting gals.

First with the sitter we have Riley let’s get a better look.

So that’s Riley now the second girl for sitting dolls it’s our glasses pal.

Luciana!!!! Let’s get a more touchy look.

Ok and for the final doll of the night I give you….

McKenna! Ok so let’s get a closer look at the deets.

Ok so that was McKenna.

So that was what the ag dolls are wearing bye.

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