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Four additions

We have four new dolls to show.

Princess Bella Rose Emerald

Age: thirteen

Owner: Sejal

Favorite color: pink

Favorite food: turkey

Favorite blog/ book: The princess and the pea

Talent: pageants and being a princess

Hobbies: pageants, royal duties, and having her roommates be butlers.

Quote: “Princesses always have their proper potentials, but it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun.

Ok next doll and just so you know Bella is a sassy person in our series and family, she is not part of the family but is there sassy Royal roommate.

Luciana Astrid Vega

Age: ten

Owner: Ellora

Favorite color: purple

Favorite food: space ice cream

Favorite book/blog: Luciana

Talent: solving cases, being a spy, studying space, being a astronaut, and karate.

Hobbies: solving cases and spying, studying space and being a astronaut, and karate,

Quote: “A case takes time and patient comes prepare. It’s ok to do to many things but kick soon!”

Next doll!

Sienna-Opal Olive American Generation

Age: ten

Owner: Sejal

Favorite color: Aqua

Favorite food: ravioli

Favorite blog/book:

Talent: filmmaking

Hobbies: Filming madness with the minis

Quote: “1 2 3 life is action!”

And the finale…..

Tenneyson Evangeline Grant

Age: ten

Owner: Ellora

Favorite color: turquoise

Favorite food: chips

Favorite book/blog: Aggossipblog

Talent: singing playing guitar banjo and songwriting

Hobbies: singing, playing guitar, banjo and writing songs.

Quote: “I’m gonna be myself nobody else gonna reach the sky if I only try.”

So those are the editions.

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