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Happy late birthday Samantha Parkington

Samantha’s birthday was on May 26.

For Samantha here is a song… It’s called Oh Samantha

Look at you in the dark.

Shining so bright.

Chorus: Oh Samantha oh.

Flowers layered over your dress.

Sparkling so tight.

Spinning in the wind.

Chorus: Oh Samantha Oh.

Looking wonderful.

Falling leaves down from the sky.

Not one landing on your dress.

Ohhhhh Samanthaaaa

This next song is called Crazy! Because Samantha can be crazy.

You’re running along while grandmary prepares a pie.

But of course you hit your Thai.

Blood is bleeding.

When you’re supposed to be weeding.

Escaping, falling, running those might all sound like something you would do.

Though your crazy your the reason why I’m here.

Scrubbing fast.

Playing not the correct note.

Don’t worry because I am here to help you.

Though your crazy your the reason why I’m herreee

Happy really late birthday Samantha.

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