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Camp Ellis episode two New cabin mate

The door creaked and a retro pioneer girl appeared timidly and friendly the girl said, “Hey Jules. I think I in the right cabin. The grand cabin. Jules paused and looked down at her clothes. “I mean if you want me here.”

“Of course we want you here. I’m Leah that’s Ruby and Riley and this is Leslie.” Leah said.

Jules started opening her suitcase.

She placed her dolls.

“Time for activities Leslie you signed for Camp Ellis yearbook cover Ruby swimming me baseball Leah yo-“ Riley started.

“I’ll hang with Jules.” Leah interrupted.

“So,” Jules said twisting one of her friendly bouncy curls as they walked around inside as Leah showed her around.

“So what do you want to do.” Leah said Turing around.

Jules feet bounced waking,

“It’s the first day of camp you shall do what you want to do otherwise it Ain’t right.” Jules said after thinking.

“Yeah you‘re right.” Leah said.

Jules found a quiet place and started typing.

Then Jules closed her laptop.

Meanwhile Ruby was swimming.

She did a hand stand.

The back float was relaxation.

Ruby searched for a ball that the instructor had hid.

A couple minutes later Ruby realized her fingernails had touched something.

She clapped the ball hard and started to swim back.

As Ruby was swimming her leg hit something.

Blood skinned down Ruby’s legs.

Dun! To be continued….

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