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Camp Ellis episode one Welcome to camp Ellis

“There it is!” Riley exclaimed pointing to a door that said “101”.

As soon as they got in there, a dark haired and brown skinned girl greeted them. “Hi! I’m Leah I go to camp every year. Have you ever been here? If you have any questions ask me!” Leah exclaimed happily.

Ruby’s gentle smile curved into a huge one. “Hi Leah I’m Ruby and I have never been to camp.” She said still smiling.

“I’m Riley and I have been to camp a couple times.” Riley said.

By the time Ruby and Riley had kicked off there shoes and put there bags away Leah said, “I think that’s all of us.”

“Actually no. I’m Leslie and this is my first year I think this is the cabin.” A light skinned girl wearing a bee dress said entering the door.

“I’m Riley.” Riley said.

“I’m Leah and this is Ruby.” Leah said pointing at Ruby.

Looking around eyed wide Leslie noticed…

Something in Leah’s hand but it was to tiny to know.

Before Leslie could ask Riley grumbled and said, “Looks like we got the grand cabin this year.” Then added, “I’m a sporty type not a dressy type.”

“Same here.” Leslie said. But before she knew it she forgot about asking Leah about the paper.

Shsh shsh the water drizzled onto Ruby’s hands. “She doesn’t know she doesn’t know.” Ruby muttered to her herself at least she thought.

“She doesn’t know what?” Riley said entering the bathroom where she had heard someone say something.

Ruby turned away for a moment and just simply said, “Nothing.” Trying to hold back tears.

Later Riley had heard crying she went to see who was crying.

There she saw Ruby crying softy she even cried perfect but wasn’t able to show tears was crying onto a wall.

Riley lovingly wrapped her arm around Ruby.

Meanwhile, Leslie was examining the flowers.

“I’m homesick okkkk.” Ruby reluctantly said.

The next day at sunrise there was low high rises knock but who could that be? They had all of there tent mates right? Or maybe not?

ᴅᴜɴ ᴅᴜɴ ᴅᴜɴ!

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