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The Grand Entrance- part two

Ring bing ding! My Alarm woke me up.

“Why do you set your alarm so early?” My cousin Macie-Grace asked.

“I have to do things in the morning.“ I said.

“Ugh! Can’t we sleep till 9:00.” Macie-Grace complained.

“No. You’re so not proper.” I said.

“I dun’t care.” Macie-Grace said.

I got ready.

“Ready to go? It’s Thursday.” I asked.

“Yes.” Macie-Grace said.

We head out to school.

When we get there Ms.Comez hands me my test a A+!

I add that to my At app.

My app says I hit 500 A+’s!!!!


Macie-Grace is at her tutoring lesson after Ariel had a heart attack.

My uncle also known as Macie-Grace’s dad came in.

“This is for you.” He said handing me the Caroline doll cool.

Macie-Grace came in.

“Did your mom have a baby sister?” Macie-Grace asked.

“No this is Caroline.” I said.

“I saw she was in the room already.” Macie-Grace said.

“Oh she came back from the doll hospital.” I said.

“That’s good.” Macie-Grace said.

When I should her the 500 A+ I asked, “How many A+’s have you got.

“Zero.” She said.

“What?” I screamed nearly fainting.

To be continued….

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