This is all you wanted, Book Two

Macy and Cole, the people that adopted us, were super nice.

Ding dong.

“That must be Kristy.” Macy said.

Elaine and I looked confused.

A girl our age came in.

“Hi. I’m Kristy.” The girl said.

“Hi, I’m Annie, and this is Elaine.” I said. Elaine smiled.

“You guys will be sharing a room.” Cole said.

Kristy led us to the room.

A few weeks later we were best friends.

Kristy shrugged.

“Looks like……………….” Elaine said.

“What?” I asked.

“Kristy?” Elaine said.

“Yeah?” Kristy asked.

“Where are your parents?” Elaine asked.

“They’re out.” Kristy said.

Then somebody instantly started breaking in.

What? We were shocked. Lucky for us Kristy seemed to know what she was doing.

“Na ya.” She said.

“Hi ya!” She kicks the window open. Huh?

Then Macy and Cole come in wha?……

“Sorry this happens a lot.” Cole said.

Elaine and I were shocked.

So…um well that was weird.

“Kris, can you please do that thingie.” Macie said.

Kristy pulled us aside.

“Sorry I hate to do this but you have to go to the orphanage. The words stung in my ears.

Soon Elaine and I were back at the orphanage.

“I thought you got adopted.” Josefina said.

“They took us back.” I said.

“That’s ok.” We got you.” Elaine said. I guess we did.

Stay tuned for Book Three.

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