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Sup Saige? – A Photo Series

My Mama, Saige, dried the dishes.

My Mama was very busy.

I, the one and only Mini Saige walked up to MY mama.

‘Oh, hi Mini Saige.” Mama said without looking up from the dishes.

“Humphy doo doo.” I said.

“Mhmm.” Mama said.

“Hmph, hmph, hmph.” I said.

“Yeah, uh huh.” Mama said.

Papers and paint brushes.” I said.

“Doing the dishes all so well.” Mama sang not as good as Florence, ok terrible.

Ugh there was only one word to get her attention.

“Sup Mama?” I said.

It didn’t work. I guess I had to say…

“Sup Saige?” I asked.

“Nothing really girl. Want to play?” Mama asked.

“Yesssss,” I said.

The end.

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