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Happy Late Birthday Felicity

Yesterday was Felicity’s birthday so we are going to celebrate.

Molly and Felicity’s birthdays are close so they decided to celebrate together.

Let’s find out what Felicity got. Items owned. Not Felicity’s stuff. Felicity not included. Will be using another doll’s hand. Felicity is played by Saige.

Felicity gets a box of chocolates.

Felicity gets a plant.

She gets more but onto a photoshoot.

The beauty of outside

Story Time!

Felicity scurried putting the final decorations.

“What do you think m’am?” Felicity said to Alison.

“A little to the left…now a little to the right… perfect.” Alison said.

“I hope Hershey likes it.” Felicity said.

“Of course she will, you’re her friend.” Alison said.

Delight Dannger pronounced –DAIN-GER, who was Hershey’s best friend, arrived.

“Felicity this is wonderful.” Delight said.

The tea party was nicely set.

Soon Felicity’s best friend Elizabeth arrived.

Finally they heard Hershey running in.

They hid.

Hershey came in- “What is al-“

“SURPRISE!” Everyone shouted.

Hershey beamed and hugged Delight.

Even though it was Felicity’s idea, she felt happy.

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