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Happy Birthday Molly

Molly’s Birthday – A Book

Molly fixed her hair.

“What do you think?” Molly asked Emily her best friend.

“Beautiful.” Emily said.

They walked down to Molly’s party.

Her sisters and friends were there.

“Happy birthday Molly.” Everybody was saying.

Trisha, a girl from Molly’s tea fundraiser, was there.

“Hey loser.” Trisha said.

Molly was hurt, especially on her birthday.

Trisha just smirked..then leaped for Molly’s presents.

Molly ran up to her room crying.

“Molly, don’t let Trisha ruin your party.” Emily said comfortably.

“Well I guess.” Molly said.

“It’s happened before.” Emily grinned at Molly. True.

“Thanks Emily, you’re the best friend a girl could ever have.” Molly said.

They enjoyed Molly’s party.

The end.

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