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This is All You Wanted

Chapter One: Elaina

I, Annie Robinson, walked up to the orphanage with my legal guardian.

“Bye Annie.” Ms. Helen said.

“Oh Ms. Helen why can’t you just take me?” I asked.

“Annie dear, please be more mature.” Ms. Helen said.

Ms. Helen dropped me off.

“This is it.” I thought.

I walked into the orphanage room.

“Hi, I’m Lizzie.” One girl with dark hair said.

“Annie.” I said.

The oldest, Genevieve, just smiled.

This place was a little boring.

Ila-Lilly, the youngest, looked at me weirdly.

“Don’t ya think this place is boring?” I asked.

“Well….” Piper trailed off.

“Just say yes.” Lizzie said.

“You don’t tell me what to do.” Piper said.

Ila-Lilly hid in her book.

“Ila? What do you think?” I asked.

“Uh….well” Ila said worriedly.


Helena looked at us shocked.

Willa cried on Genevieve’s shoulder.

Did I feel bad for what I did? No.

“Annie is a bad role model.” Karen said.

“No I’m not, Elaina is.” I said.

“I am not and it’s Elaine.” Elaina said.

“No, you even said it.” I said.

“How many times do I have to tell you? It’s Elaine not Elaina.“ Elaina said.

Whatever Elaina.” I said.

Tears strolled down Elaina’s cheeks. Did I feel sorry? No.

Later that day everyone was playing tag.

“You’re it Elaina.” I said.

“It’s Elaine not Elaina.” Elaina said.

“Whatever.” I said.

Elaina looked hurt.

One of the littler girls came up.

I picked her up and threw her so she hit the ground.

That’s when I realized I had thrown Elaina. So?

Did I feel bad? No.

Elaina cried.

Chapter Two: No Longer Welcome

Later Abigail told me I was no longer allowed at the orphanage.

“Go pack your bags and see what you have done.” Abigail said sternly.

“Yes Abigail.” I said.

Even though people thought I was mean, I scurried off.

Then started crying.

And cried.

Elaina came in.

“Listen if I help you stay, would you be more kind?” Elaina asked.

“Sure Elaine.” I said smiling.

Elaine smiled too.

“Look here’s the plan – you be extra nice.” Elaine said.

“Ok!” I said.

We fist bumped.

We explained the plan to everybody.

Even Helena agreed.

Then Abigail walked in.

“Ready Ms. Annie?“ Abigail asked.

Instead of saying yes, Elaine said, “Oh you crack me up.”

Helena said, “Hey Annie, want to play?”

“No, play with me!” Ila-Lilly said.

Soon everybody said “Play with me!”

Abigail turned to us, “You will all get your turn. Annie is staying.”

Everybody cheered.

Chapter Three: Elaine is Dead!

A few months later, I woke up and I didn’t see Elaine.

All I saw was a piece of hair.

“Uh…what’s wrong?” Josefina asked.

“ELAINE’S DEAD!” I said.

“Actually Elaine got adopted.” Mariey said.

“Oh.” I said. My best friend was gone.

“By the same people that adopted you!” Elaine said jumping in.

Tᕼᙓ ᙓᑎᗪ!

P.S. Here is an extra photo of Annie and Elaine.

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