Bully Patrol – A Photo Story

“Hi I’m Chrissa.”

Today I’m going to stand up to bullies. The teacher put me on bully patrol.

“Hey loser.” Genevieve said to my cousin Sylvie.

“Oh no ya don’t.” I said defending my cousin.

And surprisingly she walks away.

Then Sylvie starts reading.

“Whatcha doing – reading a book for babies?” Genevieve asked. The bell rings.

Later for the next recess I see a little girl from kindergarten named Jodie.

“What’s wrong, Jodie?” I asked.

I put a comforting arm around her.

“Aggie is bullying me.” Jodie said.

She pointed to Aggie.

“Come over here.” She whispered to Jodie.

She whispered something to Jodie. I could tell that it was mean because Jodie started crying.

“Cry baby!” Aggie said.

Later I saw a sign up list to sign up to help kids that are getting bullied and to help them with school.

I signed up.

The next day I found out who I was with – it was Jodie!

I was waiting for Jodie for our first big buddy-petite buddy.

Soon Jodie arrived.

“Sit down.” I said.

Jodie sat down.

I sat down next to her.

“Can I eat the sandwich?” Jodie asked.

I laughed. “Of course.” I said.

“Ok Jodie, is there anyone else bullying you besides Aggie?” I asked.

“Aggie just starts and everybody else joins in.” Jodie said.

“That’s terrible.” I said.

“Ok Jodie I’m not sure why everyone is bullying you – maybe because they are jealous of how good you do in school.” I said.

“What! I always thought I did badly.” Jodie said.

“Jodie you are the opposite.” I said. I think what I said made Jodie feel a lot better. “Jodie Wilson, you are one smart kid.”

The End

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