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Madness with the minis-part six

POV of Katelyn.

I gasped.

“Magical powers? Tell me what you can do.” I said.

“Magical powers?” A voiced echoed behind them.

“Dad!” Aliya shouted.

“You and Isabela have magical powers?” Aliya’s dad asked.

“Um….yeah….well….yes.” Aliya said.

“Hi Katelyn.” Aliya’s dad said.

“Hi uncle Marcus.” I said.

“What happened to my mother.” Aliya asked.

“she died..” Uncle Marcus said.

“No she didn’t, I’m Layla.” Said a voice behind them.

“TRAITOR!!!!!!“ Layla said pointing to Uncle Marcus.

“Then where did Aliya’s mom go?” Isabela asked.

“She is deep under the ocean. Well that’s at least the legend said.” Layla said.

“Tell us the legend.” I said.

“Ok! One night Steph-Annie crept out of the small house. She went under the seas people believe that she found a island called The turquoise Marine.” Layla said.

“So we have to find the Turquoise marine?” I asked.

“Yes.” Layla said.

Aliya nodded her head.

“But it can be very dangerous.“ Layla said.

But we knew this was for Aliya’s mother.

The first thing was we had to cross this giant seashell.

Aliya jumped

Isabela jumped

Uncle Marcus jumped

Layla jumped

But when I jumped I landed on something.

“Katelyn look what ya landed on.” Layla said.

It was a geode.

To be continued……

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