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Madness with the minis-part five

POV of Amaya-Rose

The trash can pulled and pulled being griped far from Rayna.

That’s when I realized they were not entering me to a garbage truck they were taking me to the people that had the truck.

As soon as they were there I looked around that’s when it hit me I was at Jenny’s house.

I rushed in.

“Amaya!” Jenny cried as she gave me a hug.

POV of Katelyn

I walked around the orphanage with my pal Aliya still wondering where Amaya-Rose was.

Isabela and Aliya were my two best friends right now.

“I miss my dad he meant the world to me but one night he disappeared I’ve looked everywhere.” Aliya said.

“Aliya! Katelyn is your long lost cousin.” Isabela said.

“I am? Oh yeah hey Aliya! Your father is on a dangerous path! We have to save him.” I said.

Aliya and Isabela nodded there heads, in the middle of the night we escaped the orphanage.

We set of onto the dangerous trail.

“I dunno if we should do this…..I’m a colored girl and I’m not supposed to be here….but……..Aliya said.

“Where doing this for your dad Aliya!” Isabela and I chorused.

“Ok! He did mean the world to me.” Aliya said.

So the three of us set of on the dangerous trail.

“Look out!” Isabela shouted.

There was a rock blocking our way.

Isabela jumped!

I jumped!

Aliya jumped but landed on the rock.

“She’s dead!” I exclaimed.

“No I’m not remember me Isabela.” Aliya said.

“Your not Aliya your Amethyst your a….” Isabela said.

“Don’t tell Katelyn.” Aliya said.

“Why? Please!” I said.

“We have magical powers.” Isabela said.

To be continued………………….

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