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Madness with the minis-part three

Then Katelyn walked up into the ship.

But she didn’t walk normally she walked as if she was a celebrity.

The real Katelyn came in.

“That’s not how I act.” Katelyn said.

“I know.” Jenny said.

“Hello y’all.” Katelyn said.

“Hello Katelyn.” The minis chorused.

“Autographs anyone?” Katelyn Asked.

The minis looked at each other confused.

Finally Elizabeth just said, “Ok”

Katelyn handed her a autograph.

Later Katelyn was on a phone call.

“…….Lemonade, cookies.” Katelyn was


Just then Saige walked up.

“What’s going on?” Emily asked.

“Just a bet the Katelyn won.” Saige said.

Aw that made more sense.

Saige handed Katelyn some cookies and a lemonade.

Katelyn thanked her.

Then gobbled it up.

POV of Amaya-Rose

I scurried away from Molly I didn’t like her. I wanted to be friends with Katelyn but she had just come and she was staying.

I ran off the ship. I wondered through Jenny American Generation’s house.

Then I crawled outside.

Then I just kept on walking.

POV of Katelyn

I wanted to live with Amaya. But she was gone so when the girls weren’t looking I scurried out of the house.

I wandered through Jenny’s house.

Then scurried outside.

That’s when I saw Amaya.

“AMAYA!” I screamed.

“Katelyn….I…” Amaya said.

“Na, I rather live with you.” Katelyn said.

“Oh thank goodness.” Amaya said.

“Friends?” I asked.

“Friends.” Amaya Replied.

Then a woman came up to us.

Neither did we know she was evil.

“You girls.” She said pointing to us.

“You will be separated from each other.” The woman said.

We gasped. Then she pulled us apart and we never would see each other again.

To be continued……

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