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Madness with the Minis – Part Two

By Ellora and Sejal

“NO I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS COME TO THIS.” Nia screamed. Usually Nia was quiet but in a time like this she had to yell.

Molly ran over to Emily.

“Emily my friend don’t die.” Molly cried.

“Over the years it’s good to have you.” Molly continued.

“Your my best friend don’t go!” Molly said.

Emily fell off the lounge chair.

Molly started crying.

Sylvie walked pass the mini dolls.

“What is going on?” Sylvie asked.

“Grab medicine.Emily is about to die.” Molly said.

Sylvie grabbed the medicine and handed it to the mini dolls.

The mini dolls walked over to Emily.

But it was to late Emily was gone.

POV Of Emily

I struggled to get to the bathroom,

“Violet-Anna can you put me on the toilet?” I said. That’s when I realized I had lost my voice.

So I climbed up the toilet.

When I went back to my friends I collapsed.

“EMILY!!!!!!” Molly cried.

“Where were you?” Tenney asked me.

I pointed to the bathroom.

“Bathroom?” Melody asked.

I nodded my head.

Then Sylvie gave me some medicine.

I didn’t get my voice back but I felt completely better.

Then Jenny American Generation came up to us.

“Girls I like you to meet Katelyn.” Jenny said.

To be continued,

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