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Happy Late birthday Alice Nanea Mitchell

Yesterday April 12th was Nanea’s birthday.

To kick of the celebration In honors of Nanea’s birthday we are going to look at Nanea’s stuff and my thoughts. These are available at the ag store. We do not own them. Prices will be included in case you want to buy them at the ag store. Alice is Nanea’s first name but everyone calls her Nanea.

Nanea doll and accessories -$150

Nanea is such a young pretty doll.

Nanea’s two piece swimsuit-$32

I like the towel and the sandals not so much the actual swimsuit.

Nanea’s beach accessories-$55

I don’t really like this one. But the shaved ice yes please.

Nanea’s floral pjs-$34

These are super cute on Nanea. The hairstyle goes perfect. She is Hawaiian after all.

Nanea’s dog mele-$26

I’m not a huge fan of dogs or any animals. So I don’t like this.

Nanea’s Luau dress-$32

This outfit is so pretty. The colors are so Hawaiian. Nanea looks really good.

Nanea’s luau set-$85

The table looks so pretty set up. It’s so perfect for Nanea’s birthday. Happy birthday Nanea.

Nanea’s shaved ice stand-$100

I LOVE shaved ice. So this is really nice. Yummy. Maybe this is what Nanea eats instead of cake. What do you think? Comment down below.

Nanea’s holoku dress-$34

This is very original and garden party style it’s a little fancy though.

Nanea mini doll-$24

We already have the Nanea mini doll stay tuned cause at the end there will be photos of Nanea the mini. She is so cute.

Nanea’s hula implements-$36

These seem a little boring but the ukulele is not.

Nanea’s hula outfit-$38

This is a very original classic outfit. But Nanea rocks in this outfit.

Our mom is letting us use her big Nanea for selling in this post.for this Nanea fashion show. Not Nanea’s outfits in her.

Now we are going to post a story about Nanea.

“Mini Nanea where are you taking me?” Nanea asked.

“You see.” Mini Nanea said,.

“Why am I wearing this.”

“You see.” Mini Nanea said.

“Ok tell me.” Nanea said after they arrived.

“Just Run fast.” Mini Nanea answered

Nanea ran…

and ran….

and ran…..

and ran..

and ran…

Until she finally reached the end.

“Mini Nanea you tired me out.” Nanea said.

“Catch me if you can.” Mini Nanea said.

“Come back!” Nanea said.

Typical Mini Nanea.

Now we are going to do a photoshoot called Mini Nanea is wasting Nanea’s energy.

Bye! Nanea enjoyed her birthday. Happy birthday to all the Nanea’s out there.
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