Madness with the Minis – Part One

By Ellora and Sejal

Willow quietly walked to the big girls kitchen. She was planning to sneak some food.

As soon as Willow got into the kitchen she started searching the shelfs.

Some footsteps boomed.

Willow frantically hid.

Grace walked into the kitchen. “Nice try.” Grace said

Grace grabbed Willow and put her where she belonged.

“Did you get any food?” Addy asked.

“No. Grace caught me.” Willow replied.

“That’s to bad I’m starving!” Isabelle said.

“Me to.” Lexi said.

“I’ll try to get some water.” Felicity said.

The other mini dolls agreed.

Felicity hurried to the kitchen making sure to not get her dress wrinkled.

Felicity found the cups and filled them with water before a big doll came.

She came back with all the cups filled.

The mini dolls shared the water excitedly.

They heard Phoebe walking to the kitchen.

“Hey where are all the glasses?” Phoebe asked.

The mini dolls hid the glasses.

Phoebe walked pass the mini dolls. Lucky she didn’t see the glasses.

The mini grabbed the glasses with relief.

“That was close.” Samantha said.

After the mini dolls were done they put the glasses back.

Haven walked into the kitchen. “Phoebe the glasses are right here.”

“Oh.” Phoebe said, “that’s weird.”

Later, Nellie had got Ill.

Molly headed to find the medicine.

When she found it Saige trotted in.

She took the medicine out of Molly’s hand.

“We need that Nellie is ill.” Molly said.

Saige thought but then she said, “ok. Just put it back when your done.”

Molly agreed and went back to the other minis.

They helped Nellie and instantly she was better.

“Thank you!” Nellie said.

“Of course.” Emily said with a pinch of her English accent.

Emily instantly grew Ill she must have caught it from Nellie.

Molly reached for the medicine. “We’re out.” Molly said.

To be cotuined……….

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